5 Magical Movies To Watch On Netflix This Weekend


1. Bewitched. The new version! I spent my tween years watching all of the old Bewitched episodes, so I have a special place in my heart for Samantha. She is cute, spunky, and Nicole Kidman plays her perfectly. This is a feel-good watch for sure. Also, please show by a raise of hands if you try to wiggle your nose to see if you have magical powers every time you watch this. (Me! Me! Insert hand raising emoji!)

2 . Stardust. First of all, Claire Danes is the bomb and she is the perfect person to play the role of a literal star. Second, Sienna Miller is in this movie and I am not exaggerating when I say I have the FATTEST girl crush on her. I have since she played Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl nine years ago. She is gorgeous, her style is insanely on point, and I still wish she and Jude Law could have worked it out almost as much as I wished for Rachel and Ryan to reunite. And her short hair do she has going on right now? It is taking EVERY fiber of my willpower to not chop mine off again. Okay, this has turned into the I Love Sienna Miller Show, but let's get back to Stardust. It's brilliant and beautiful and a definite must-see.

3. Finding Neverland. This one is a tearjerker, but in the best of ways! One of those magical movies in the sense that it can change your heart and make you want to be a better person. Promise me you'll watch it, k?

4. The Brothers Grimm. (Available March 1!) Oh, Heath. How I miss him. The walls of my teenage bedroom consisted of magazine cutout murals of his face, along with Justin Timberlake and Leo D. On warm summer nights my best friend, Molly, and I used sneak onto the porch of the house where they filmed 10 Things I Hate About You, just so we could sit where Heath sat. We would dream of Heath kissing us like he did in this scene and squeal at the excitement of being teenage fangirls. (I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, which is where it was filmed.) Also, remember how baby faced JGL was? And what happened to the dude who played Joey Donner? Here I go getting off track again! What was I talking about initially? Oh, yeah! The Brothers Grimm! I haven't seen it, and based on the pictures and trailers, I don't know if I should be a bit spooked or excited. We shall see!

5. Teen Witch. (Also available on March 1! I know I said magical movies to watch this weekend, but I had to spread the word about these new ones that will be ready to stream come Monday!) Another movie I have never seen, but 80's teen movies never disappoint. I am excited to snuggle up in my bed and watch it with a huge bowl of buttery popcorn and peanut butter M&Ms. Seriously though, you have to try it. The popcorn melts the M&Ms so they are mushy and delicious.

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Dear Wes, Let's Go On An Adventure


Dear Wes,

Since the day you were born, life has been an adventure. Even your entrance into this world was trailblazing its own course. I admire that about you. Yes, I know you aren't even a year and a half old yet, but I know your spirit, and it is one with a fiery passion. One that I am sure will thirst for exciting journeys and fascinating experiences.

For now, I get to introduce you to the tiniest sliver of the world as we go on our own adventures. You are strapped on my back and off we go. To the ocean to find seashells and starfish; around town exploring hidden treasures and sharing a cup of chocolate ice cream; soaking in that sunny Vitamin D and inhaling the fresh air on a day hike.

This is what living looks and feels like.

Thank you for being my little pal. I am lucky I get to explore the world with you, and see it through the wonder and awe of your eyes. I wish you a life full of love, curiosity, and adventure.



(P.S. I am wearing Wes in the LÍLLÉ Baby carrier in charcoal and I absolutely love it.)

A Random Thing Or Two-sday


Ronen Chen Tunic
LOFT Duster Vest
LOFT Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
Antelope Ankle Clog Booties c/o
Anthropologie Hat
Make Pie Not War Necklace via Mommy Mailbox
Gorjana Twist Cuff via Rocksbox (use code ABBEYBFF3 for a free month!)

1. The 70's called, and told me they love my outfit, but that they want it back. And then I told them no, because this is probably one of my newest favorite outfit creations. Do you ever get in those funks where you just have no idea how to piece together new looks with the same clothes that have been sitting in your closet for years? I've been going through a major one (hence the absence of these posts for the last two weeks) but inspiration decided to strike at 2 am on Sunday night, er, Monday morning technically. I think I need to get a big Polaroid camera like Cher Horowitz and start photographing all of the looks I put together in those moments. Anyway, these Antelope clog booties are absolutely fantastic. You've probably seen a selection of their boots in Anthropologie. Everything they make is beautiful, so I am happy to announce we will be giving away a pair of any Antelope shoes or boots of your choice next week! Stay tuned!

2. Fact: The "ma" sound is one of the first things babies are able to vocalize, and it is found in almost every language. It's mom in English, maman in French, mamī in Punjabi, me in Vietnamese (source). They all have the same sound, so that is where the word mom or mother got its name. I love that motherhood is truly a universal thing, united in its love and purpose.

3. So, what did we think about the Oscars? Here are my thoughts ... a) Neil Patrick Harris tried his best, but I didn't really think he was all that great. I was mostly bored during his bits. But hey, that would be an incredibly stressful event to host, so kudos for attempting it, Neil! b) Lady Gaga CRUSHED. IT. I was not much of a Gaga fan before, but after her mind-blowing tribute performance of The Sound of Music my heart changed. c) Ole' Goop a.k.a. Gwyneth Paltrow's dress was absolutely my favorite of the night. It reminded me of her 1999 dress—pale pink is totally her color. d) Eddie Redmayne, I love you and want to kiss those darling freckled cheeks of yours. I love it when actors are genuinely surprised and thrilled and gracious.

4. Upon waking up from my weekly nap on Sunday, I thought to myself, Are Sunday naps a Mormon thing? You know, like weird obsessions with Diet Coke and dirty Dr. Peppers, or Cafe Rio sweet pork and Pinterest? Just peruse your Instagram or Twitter on Sunday and 50% of the posts from your Mormon friends are about naps. Am I right? I'm just gonna give myself some credit here and say I am. But the question is why? Have we performed a mild hypnosis on our brains and circadian rhythms to fall asleep right after church? Do all of the emotions associated with church take a physical toll on our bodies? Is it sheer boredom? WHAT IS IT?

5. Would you rather have to walk down the red carpet naked or vomit all over the place during your acceptance speech?

P.S. Heel clicks, because it's a rite of passage when you get your first pair of clogs.

P.P.S. I was sneaky and captured Matt the Fashion Blogger in the wild! Mwaahaha! Also, I desperately want to reenact Sia's "Elastic Heart" video, but Matt won't agree to it. I am telling you, it would be hilariously AWESOME. I really think we could have an incredible parody YouTube channel, but it is just going to take some stealth and convincing. Send me your good persuasion juju, k?