The five outfits with the white tee are coming to a close! Are you feeling inspired though? I know I am!

I decided to go with a more relaxed look today with some of my favorite new trends.

Outfit #4

Get this white tee

Layer it with this sleeveless cardi
Pair it with these crops
And these lovely little oxfords!

Look how Sienna Miller dons her sweater/tee/oxford combo with ease. I swear, I might just have to start devoting my blog to the fashions of Sienna Miller. She was even in my dream last night!

Image from

*Time out from the fashion for a side story about Ms. Miller*

In dreamland last night, I was perusing through some shops along this super quaint street. I decided to pop into to this adorable little boutique, and upon entering the store, guess who it was!? 
Sienna Miller standing in front of me (remember folks, this is all a dream, unfortunately)!
My eyes popped out of my head and she gave me a funny looking because I was staring at her, but she followed it with a bright, peppy smile. I tried to play it off like nothing unusual was happening. We then started casually talking about her fashion line, Twenty8Twelve.
I was so sure the dream was real, that if there had been monitors hooked up to my heart rate I'm sure it would have been staggering to the top of the charts! To my dismay, Sienna then turned into her sister/a Stephanie Pratt look-a-like. Does that ever happen to you when you are dreaming? I am cursed with the characters in my dreams morphing into different people just as we're starting to have a good time! Any of you psychologists? I need some serious dream interpretation counseling.

Thanks for sharing in that ADD moment with me.

 Back to comparable celeb/blog street style to Outfit #4

Images from 

Alright little lovers, one more day of the white tee! We're almost there!

I promise when I get my camera back I will actually post my own looks!

 I am doing a giveaway in the next few days so make sure you follow after you are done reading this so you can get an entry!

Bright White


I'm loving metallics and all things shiny.

Good thing your plain white tee looks fabulous with metallic sheens!

Here is...

Outfit #3

You didn't know you could go glam with a white tee, did you? Whether you are going to the office or an event, use your white tee to its maximum potential!
Tuck this white tee...

Into this metallic NY&CO pencil skirt...

Accessorize your plain tee with this gold-tiered chain necklace

And don't forget your nude Jessica Simpson pumps!

Let's compare a similar look to Glee's, Lea Michelle

Image from

What are your favorite tricks for spicing up a plain, old shirt? 

Remember to follow if you are loving what you see! And don't hesitate to share your blog! Let's share the love!

Have a  sun-"shiney" Wednesday! :)

Mix Those Prints!


Guess what?

I still don't have my camera.

I am still searching Google for pictures of the outfits I am creating in my mind.

I can't wait to post my own pictures! Until then...

Today's look is about using the plain white tee to create a polished look, but with some spunk.

Outfit #2
Wear this tee,

With this slouchy Free People cardigan,

Mix your prints to give your look a bit of edge! My personal fave is mixing a floral or polka dot with a stripe. 

DISCLAIMER: Whenever mixing prints, be sure to keep it paired with a neutral! You don't want to become the victim of what looks like a dress up party for 4-year-old girls or a nearly blind bag lady...

One word: yikes!

Good thing you have your white tee to keep you balanced!

Check out the celebrity parallel, Shenae Grimes from 90210.

 *All images found via

Just substitute the grey knit for white and,

 VoilĂ !

You have an effortless & girly look, completely inspired by your basic white tee!

The Plain White Tee


Hello, hello!

I'm back and missed you all so much! We had a wonderful time and celebrated life to the fullest. 

Unfortunately, I left my camera in Cali, so I will not be able to post pictures for a couple of days. 
Fortunately, life can and will go on without a camera for the time being--it will just require a lot of Google to fill the gaps!

Now on to the fun stuff!

I have received numerous requests to do a "how to" for putting together on-trend styles with simple basics that every gal has in her closet!

This week, I am going to use one basic to make 5 different outfits.

The basic:

The Plain White Tee

Image from

Outfit #1

My favorite way wear a plain white tee is with a simple pair of boyfriend jeans and a few great accessories. It gives you a minimalist, yet trendy look that is easy and comfortable for anyone!

Here is my perfect combo for a spring day on the town...

Images from Google

Looking fabulous!

Check out the comparable look on Rachel Bilson!

Image from
Three words: cute, cute & cute!

Remember, you can always use the basics you have in your closet to pull this type of look together. You don't own a pair of boyfriend jeans? No problem! Roll the cuff on your favorite pair of relaxed denim to get the cropped look or wear your denim shorts instead! You don't like hats? Substitute a cute headband! It's all about using what you own and getting creative! As you mix and match the items in your closet, you'll have 8 new outfits before you know it!

Wear those white tees proudly and have a splendid Monday, little lovers!

The End Is Only the Beginning


Happy Wednesday, loves!

I am sad to announce that my husband's grandpa just passed away, so we will be attending to the funeral and family matters the rest of the week. This means I will be taking the remainder of the week off from my blog. 

In light of the current situation, I have been reflecting on the loss of loved ones and the meaning of death. I am filled with gratitude for my knowledge of life after death and comforted in my faith. Death is merely the next step in the road of our eternal progression; it is most certainly not the end. Knowing that a Heavenly Father is there watching and waiting for us & friends and family who have gone before us are welcoming with open arms, brings feelings of peace.

Image from

" Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." 
- Rossiter W. Raymond

Remember to cherish each person in your life. Tell them you love them excessively. Visit as often as possible and laugh until you're reduced to tears. Life on earth is just a glimpse and needs to be filled with joy and happiness at every opportunity. 

I will miss you all so much, but will return next week with plenty of goodies to share. Have a wonderful and fulfilling week!

The 1960's


The Nineteen Sixties.

A decade of change, progress, insanely awesome music, and great fashion.

In light of my reference to Edie Sedgwick (see post below), I decided to compile my list of the "It Girls" that trail-blazed the fashion road and will forever hold a position as true fashion icons.





I love the geometric lines, the color blocking, the drastic liner and lashes, and the boyfriend/pixie haircut.

Best thing of all...

The 60's are back and in full swing!

Time to get those wardrobes full of intense colors and glue on those dramatic lashes!

Updated Etsy Shop!


Hello, little lovers!

Just wanted to let you all know I have moved my shop over to Etsy!

I have officially come up with a name for my line...

*Sprightly So*

Please head over here to read up on it and check it out.

10% of all profits go to the Stop TB Partnership. I am very passionate about this cause and hope to raise awareness through my work, to create a better quality of life for people all over the world!

Celebrity Fashion

Do you ever find yourself with an absolute, dire need to see what certain celebrities are wearing? 
Check .

When you are engrossed in the pages of People magazine, are there just some stars you must get the fashion scoop on?
Check .

Because of my ridiculous obsession with celebrity style and the inspiration I draw from them, I decided to officially compile my very own celebrity fashion list.

After much deliberation, my top 5 celebrity fashion icons are as follows:

#5:  Jessica Alba 
  Always looking effortlessly hip and comfortable, Jessica Alba is the poster child for the cute, trendy, girl next door.

Images from

#4: Zooey Deschanel
Our beloved indie girl never fails to look whimsically adorable & feminine. 
 Her signature style recipe of vintage-inspired dresses + tights =
Images from Google
#3: Lauren Conrad
You can always count on L.C. to be perfectly styled in her own California girl way. She even has her own clothing line, the LC Lauren Conrad Collection so we can get her look!
Images from Google &

#2: Rachel Zoe
Ah-mazing. Need I say more?
Images from Google &

#1: Sienna Miller
I'm pretty much in love with everything about Sienna Miller. It all started when she played the role of Edie Sedgwick (she deserves a post all her own!) in Factory Girl. Since then it's been nothing but amour! Sienna Miller's style is free and all her own, which makes her such an icon to fashion.

Her clothing line, Twenty8Twelve, is simple and girly with some edge; it's the perfect combination for an effortlessly chic look!
Edie Sedgwick
Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick

Images from Google

Images from

My favorite red carpet look of all time at the 2010 Met Gala 
Image from

Now it's your turn to go make your celebrity style list!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Floral Fixation


I am loving everything about the floral trend right now! Don't you??

It's feminine, flirty, and adds the right amount of visual interest & texture to an outfit!

Floral dress, Aerie; belt, LOFT; leggings, F21; boots, Buffalo Exchange; necklace, my design
Floral dress, Aerie, $10

Floral skirt, LOFT, $20 (with coupons). Click here to get yours!
Floral tunic, Ross, $5
And be sure to check out the moon as the sun is setting! It is a perigee and will be 14% bigger than normal! You better get lookin' outside soon!