The Royal Wedding Review!


It's official! 

Prince William wedded Princess Catherine just hours ago in Westminster Abbey.

Princess Catherine's beautiful ivory gown was designed by Sarah Burton, of Alexander McQueen. Her train measures about 6.5 feet and the dress is made of a combination of silk, satin, and a lace bodice.

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She looked graceful, gorgeous and eloquent as ever... just as a princess should!

The ceremony was beautiful and utterly romantic. The Prince and Princess are definitely head over heels, especially apparent when Prince William leaned over and whispered, "You're beautiful" to his new bride as she approached the alter! 

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They make such a handsome husband and wife!

And let's not forget the famous balcony kiss at Buckingham Palace...

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Tradition never looked so cute!

Among the thousands of guests, the Beckhams' appearance was my favorite. We can always count on the Beckham family to arrive in style, can't we? Victoria wore a dress from her collection, a Philip Treacy hat, and custom Louboutin heels. David looked dapper in a Ralph Lauren ensemble. Check out the ultra-chic looks the expecting parents were flaunting.

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London socialite, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson takes second place for the best Royal Wedding outfit. She is also wearing a hat designed specially by Philip Treacy.

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I haven't felt this happy about a marriage since Prince Philip and Princess Aurora got married in Sleeping Beauty (my all-time favorite Disney movie)! The music, procession, horse-drawn carriage and all was simply magnificent! Truly a fairy tale wedding!

Happy Friday, loves! Celebrate love today in honor of the new royal couple!

The Final Countdown


The day all of us royal enthusiasts have been waiting for is almost here!

T-minus 7 hours until Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle and you can watch it live right here!

Watch live streaming video from royalwedding at

I cannot wait to see the color palette!

According to Martha Stewart, blue hues and creamy golds are the posh tones that would be fit for a royal marriage celebration.

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Isn't this collage a dream?

I am way beyond ecstatic to see what the Royal Wedding has in store!

It is going to be epic 

Blue With Envy


Every time I look at pictures of Kate Middleton I am continually awestruck by the beauty of her engagement ring! 

The blue sapphire is 18 carats with 14 diamonds circling the precious gem!

One word: wowza.

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The best thing about this ultimate accessory is it belonged to Prince William's amazing mum, Princess Diana.

Have a happy hump day! 

The Wedding Dress


The looming secret has finally been unearthed!

 Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer is rumored to be Sophia Cranston.

Her line, Libélula, completely corresponds with Kate's preference for sleek lines.

This is my top pick...I love the ruche detail! It is trés chic, magnifique!

Princess? Psh. Kate will be gracing us with the likes and envy of the Greek goddesses if she dons a sleek gown designed by Sophie Cranston.

Check out more of the Libélula line here.

What would your fairy tale wedding look like if you were about to be crowned a princess?

A Royal Week


In honor of the royal wedding we are all anxiously awaiting, I would like to begin this week's royal review with the classic style of Kate Middleton.

Kate always sports an effortlessly chic look.

Image from

Simplicity and elegance completely define her, especially in her Issa gowns!

Image from

Look number three...hat trick anyone? Looks like she has hit the jackpot in accessorizing that pretty little head of hers!

Image from

The soon-to-be princess is a rising fashion icon and I can't wait to see the looks unfold!

Move over Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I, and Grace Kelly...Kate Middleton is about to make history!

Cheerio, loves! 

Bold Prints


I am loving the bold prints that are coming in for summer. 

Animal prints are definitely on my fave list for spicing up an outfit.

All clothing and jewelry, LOFT; sparkle flats, Target

My best style tip:

Always pair a solid layering piece with a print--it adds dimension to your outfit and will give you an ultra-chic look!

Have an amazing Easter, little lovers! 

Practically Free? Yes, Please


Don't you just love a GREAT sale?

I sure do.

I got this little number from LOFT for $1! Yes, it's true.

They are currently having a 40% off your entire purchase sale! The time to go shopping is now!

I absolutely love pairing this metallic tunic with some skinnies and these boots...


Ride Em' Cowgirl!


In honor of a Country Strong marathon I will be embarking on in the next 24 hours, I thought I'd channel my inner cowgirl today.

Disclaimer: I do not, by any means, have any experience that remotely resembles anything of an actual cowgirl. However, I can appreciate the leather boots and western chic look, and I am not afraid to be a quasi-cowgirl poser!

Dress, Gap; Cardi, my literal sister's closet; Belt, Lucky Brand; Flower ring, LOFT; Earrings, F21; MIA Boots, Nordstrom Rack

I just love the trends in fashion right now. The combination of masculine and feminine brings so much variety to a wardrobe! I absolutely love my ruffles with my distressed boots! Perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

To give this look a more bohemian feel, lose the cardi, swap out the boots for some sweet espadrilles, add a fedora, and stack on those bangles and long necklaces!

Thank you for following and reading my blog, little lovers! I truly appreciate your support and friendship in the blogosphere! You are the best!

That 70's Look


Today someone told me I reminded them of a character from That 70' Show. I replied asking if it was Jackie or Donna. They said Donna. Shoot. I so wanted to be more like Mila Kunis. After all, I am only just over 5'2"!

Anyway, I channeled the groovy 70s look with my new high waisted faded trousers! I am in love with them. Not to mention, they make me look a good four inches taller and leaner! Yes, please!

Shirt, purchased in Spain; 70's trouser,  necklace & ring, LOFT; earrings, F21; wedges, Target

I love the pockets on button detail on these trousers!

My version of That 70's Show

The best thing about today besides my fabulous new pants is that I get to watch Gossip Girl in approximately 30 minutes! I've been waiting for this day for a whole month now! Aren't you so excited? Gossip Girl discussion to be continued...

Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!

Old Hollywood


I've recently taken up an obsession with Paul Newman. As a result of embarking on a Paul Newman movie marathon, I have received some major vintage fashion inspiration from the old Hollywood glamour.

Exhibit A: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Originally written as a play, this movie came to the Hollywood bigscreen c. 1958. It is a poignant, artistic expression of the vices and issues faced in life. Keeping it simple and true to its theatrical roots, this movie is definitely in my Top 3 favorite films of all time.

Image from

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Elizabeth Taylor wears two classicly chic outfits the entire film. The first is a taylored pencil skirt, with a crisp white blouse, and a fabulous red belt for a pop of color. The outfit has clean lines and is ultimately timeless.

The second look is a beautiful white cocktail dress. The deep v-neck line and flowy silhouette gives it a Greecian and refined feel. Truly exquisite.

Paul Newman had iconic male style, both in fashion and character. He was the ultimate, preppy bad boy.

Image from
Hello, hello!
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I dare say he is the most suave and beautiful male actor Hollywood has seen yet.

Pairing the vivacious, beautiful Elizabeth Taylor with the edgy charm of Paul Newman made for one of the best couples to ever grace the silver screen. You want to see some sizzle? Add Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to your Netflix queue and prepare for some real mendacity.

The Real Abbey Road


Molly is my very best friend in the whole world.

We have been BFFs since the third grade. As she would say, we were "just wittle guys!"

From a young age, we compared our relationship to the Owens sisters (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) in Practical Magic. I was and can still be a bit wild like Gillian and Molly has always been level-headed like Sally. We are total opposites but have an ESP-type bond that goes beyond the levels of friendship. We are like sisters. You know, we'll probably even die on the same day! ;)

After 15 years of friendship, we've been through it all:

 American girl dolls, play dates, countless hours of listening to the Anastasia soundtrack, denim overalls, french braids, glasses, puberty, braces, hundreds of sleepovers, roadtrips, chocolate chip cookies, 10 Things I Hate About You marathons and porch stalking, mean sisters, loss of loved ones, dumb boys, dances, hot boys, drama, heartbreak, college, world travels, marriage, etc.

There are many things I left off and many more experiences to come.

Miss Molly had the lovely opporunity to go to London just this last week. Guess where she stayed?

None other than the Abbey Road!

In homage to our glorified frienship and this blog, she snapped some pics for me.


Thanks goodness for best friends. 

Love you MoMo!

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'


Last Saturday night as I was perusing through Nordstom Rack, I stumbled upon some fabulous MIA booties. At first I gave them no thought, but quickly realized they were sitting on the 50% clearance rack. This changed my mind rather quickly and I slipped them on. Instant love. The distressed genuine leather, slouchy ankle, adorable heel...they would go with everything. However, I was determined to be strong-willed and repeatedly asked myself, do I need these?

I am attempting to make mature, rational purchases this year. It was my New Year's resolution to not shop as much. I wouldn't say it has been extraordinarily successful, but I am trying! Do you now see the dilemma I was in regarding the boots? I was literally torn between the desire to keep my resolution and the desire to sport these amazing booties. Insert cartoon angel and devil on the shoulders, and you have the perfect picture of the situation.

Image from

After much inner battle between the evil of consumerism and the good of great fashion sense, I walked away. 

(insert Hallelujah chorus here)

Five minutes later on my drive home, I felt like someone had given me an upper cut to the stomach, with a side of acute anxiety attack. What had I done? There was no turning back because they had closed, I wasn't able to go the next day (I am Mormon and abide by the Ten Commandments, with the 8th Commandment being the particular in this situation), they only held items until close of the same business day, and the boots were the only pair left in the entire place! Crap. Now I was in an even bigger bind. I had to have these boots!

I resolved to appease my worries by reassuring myself that they would be there on Monday if they were meant to be mine. Yeah! That sounded like a good plan.

Sunday morning came and I couldn't live with that plan. 

I called the store promptly at the opening hour of 11 AM. The boots were still there! After much begging and flattery, the shoe department manager agreed to hold them for me until opening on Monday. Phew! Reverse buyer's remorse averted.

I am now a proud owner of these to-die-for MIA leather booties!

After all the shenanigans, you are probably wanting to see these puppies to see if they were worth all the trouble! 

Totally worth it!

In the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies


The other day one of my friends on Facebook posted a link to a page that read,

The earth without art is just "eh".

I had never before heard this saying and I absolutely fell in love with it. I couldn't agree more!

My daytrip to the Phoenix Art Museum was heavenly!

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed of the Ann Bonfoey Taylor exhibit. It was basically a 30 minute crash course of Couture 101. I am a bit ashamed to admit this, but I never knew the true definition of couture. I guess I always assumed it was just expensive, designer clothing without really thinking of the literal meaning of "designer". Ready for a mini history lesson? Yes!? I thought you'd say that! 
The word couture originated from the Old French word cousture which simply means to sew. Throughout Europe, mainly in France and Spain, designers had their own couture design houses. Only the most wealthy and refined women would commission the designers to create one-of-a-kind looks (none of this mass produced, ready to wear, size run from 0 to 16 in assorted colors mumbo jumbo). Couture is designed specifically to the buyers' body, taste, and preferences of style & detail. I feel the term "couture" is used so loosely today in the fashion world, that it's almost lost it's true sense of meaning. While Juicy Couture is fabulous, it's not real couture according to the original intended meaning.

Balenciaga suit c. 1950
Image from

Ann Taylor Bonfoey was a woman who wore real couture and wore it well. She was a model in her youth for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue c. 1920s. This started her fashion love affair. Ann was an avid sportswoman, but had married young to a man who didn't approve of her sense of athleticism and adventure. Being the daredevil she was, Ann divorced him, paved her own success, remarried a dapper man by the surname of Taylor, and became a dazzling socialite. 

The looks showcased were the personal designs for Ms. Bonfoey Taylor from Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Madame Grès. They ranged from day to formal attire and included her athletic apparel from the 1940s to 1970s. I was shocked at how minimal the looks were, but many of the suits and sleek lines were groundbreaking in the fashion world at the time. As you can see in the picture below, she was a fashion icon beyond her time and independently created her own style, which was admired by many. She was and continues to be a true inspiration! I recommend you read up on her or check out the exhibit if you are here in Phoneix. It runs through May 29th.

If you are a lover of fashion, you are clearly an art lover of all kinds!

Here are a few of my other favorites I gathered while at the museum...

One of the most exhilarating experiences ever was entering this room. It is pitch black, completely covered in mirrors on every wall. The room is dimly lit by thousands of colorful LED lights, undulating in light intensity and hues. When I entered for the first time, it felt like I had transcended the boundaries of earth into an eternal, starry world. There is nothing else like it!

This is an expression of the bibliophile in me.

 Mixed media pieces always have the best array of colors.

 It was love at first sight when I saw Iris. Isn't she so elegant?

I love the audacity of the painter swooning & professing his love to a nun. What could be more romantic and passionate?

If I believed in reincarnation, in my previous life I would have lived in 18th century France, royal style...I just know it!

Last but not least, here is a blurry picture of my outfit in a piece of art! This was by some neon eternity mirrors (skirt, LOFT; cardi, Nordstrom; blouse, LOFT). I forgot to get the name of the work! Oopsies!

Hope you enjoyed your mini art tour! 

Thanks for reading and following, little lovers! Have a terrific Tuesday!