Handcrafted Goodies


As we all know, Etsy is the mother ship for all things crafty, unique, and one of a kind.

My favorite finds recently?

There have been getting lots of comments and inquiries about the posters I am going to use in the baby nursery, and Sycamore Street Press is the place to find them! They are part of the Subliminal Baby Series.

Image from Etsy
And what better way to create some texture and color popping than with a PomLove mobile? They come custom in any color you desire.

Image from Etsy
What are your crafty finds? 

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Have a glorious weekend 

Pillow Talk


This week is devoted to interior design. It's fashion for the house, so I still consider it very relevant to this blog, even though I blog about completely random things when I feel the urge.

Currently on creating the baby nursery agenda:

Finding the perfect accent pillows.


The adventure of pillow hunting is more arduous than it sounds. My criteria of them needing to be less than $20 and containing bold colors that can go either gender is rather tricky. The summer items are finally starting to go on clearance, so I am hoping to cash in within the next few weeks.

The blue, fuzzy pillow rang in at a whopping $3.99 (insert the catchy Ross ad song circa 1999). I had to get it and make it work, I just had to! The red felt number was my most pricey at $18, but that's what you get at Pier 1. I love it and will add on some pink and orange petals if the baby is a girl. As for the green, I found it on clearance for $12 at Home Goods. Green and a fun print is what I was shooting for, but I'm not sure I love the shape. 

Best deal of all comes in the form of this glider. You are going to die when you find out how much I got this for.

Drumroll, please...


Yes, that is right. It was FREE! The most kind woman from my church has graciously bestowed mounds of free baby items on us that are hardly used. Her dear brother is the generous benefactor. I adore the man!

I am wanting to possibly find a slipcover. I toyed with the idea of daring to make one, but I don't have the skills yet, and my seamstress mother lives 15 hours away. Any ideas? Do you happen to make custom slip covers? Share your secrets!

Now I'm off to clean out the black hole that is supposed to be the baby nursery, and to paint the walls!

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Out of the Office


Hello lovelies!

FYI: I have been out of the office since yesterday and will resume usual blogging schedule tomorrow. Babysitting/nannying leaves no time for anything!

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Aspiring Interior Decorator


At 14 and 1/2 weeks, I feel like a normal human again and not like a complete train wreck. That being said, my creative juices have finally decided to make an appearance as well.

What is on my mind? 

The Baby Nursery.

The usual safari or princess theme is adorable, but this bambino needs something extra special. I am trying to raise a child prodigy of some sort and they need a stimulating environment to harness that energy from day one! 

Enter the baby nursery that was made for me and my little genius.

Images from www.unique-baby-gear.com

My excitement is bubbling over the edges right now. The color palette is amazing, and the good news is it can go either way for gender. Just nix the pinks and flowers and you're set! Now we just need to find out what gender this little sprout is!

The vow of being a cute mommy is coming into play nicely, as I found the coolest diaper bag ever. 

Image from poshtots.com

This Petunia Pickle Bottom creation is an uber-chic messenger bag, but comes with all the diaper bag gadgets and necessities. I am wanting to use it as my handbag even before the bebe gets here! This exact style is made of felt material, but also comes in leather, and I have a feeling hubs will feel like more of a man when carrying it around :)

I am loving this whole pregnancy thing. You should seriously go for it if you are having even the slightest thoughts of starting your little family. 

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Have a lovely day!

Yellow Submarine


(Fun fact: Click on the post title to hear the song )

Earlier this week, Matt and I explored San Deigo Harbor & Coronado Island as we took the ferry round trip from the harbor to the island.  The area is full of so much naval history and current naval activity, including the carrier that supposedly dumped Osama bin Laden's body! Crazy, huh? 

The views from the ferry are breath-taking. If your blood pressure needs lowering and your life needs a stress-free break, I suggest going on this excursion.

Coronado is the stuff fairy tales are made of. The houses are whimsically charming and the shops and restaurants are quaint and welcoming. Island Pasta is one of the best pizza and pasta shops in the world. All ingredients are made from scratch and the food is fresh, fresh, fresh! I seriously suggest it if you are going there anytime soon or live in the area and haven't tried it yet!

I was so excited to be able to wear my bohemian hippie skirt. Now, I'll let you in on a little secret. I bought that skirt back in 2004 at a thrift store as part of a costume. Multiple times I considered throwing it out, but my inner fashion guru told me to hold out! Now my tie-dyed little number is right on trend! Best $2 I ever spent! 
Moral of the story: Hold on to those wacky pieces you think you'll never wear, because you will!

Jessica's outfit from earlier this week inspired me to put together my own version of the look by pairing a long skirt with a striped tee, and I am loving my mixed print result! Try mixing your tie-dye and stripe pieces sometime this week. I think you'll love it!

Have a peaceful day ☮.

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Happiness Is...


Watching the sunset on a deserted beach.

Discovering new places.

Wearing your favorite shoes.

Jumping for joy.

Running through the sand with your love!

"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Guest Post: Jess from Steve & Jess


Hey little lovers! I have another special treat for you today! My beautiful and very talented friend, Jess, is guest posting today! Let me turn it over to the lovely Mrs. Jessica Marcum...

My name is Jessica Marcum. Over at my blog I write about food, fashion, marriage, and the adventures that I have with my hunk-of-a-husband Steve. We are currently living in New York City, making our way in the world! By day I design vintage hair pieces and accessories over at Linda's Vintage, by night I'm a wanna-be gourmet- whipping up yummy dinners for two. That's me!

Oh and I my biggest claim to fame? I was the lovely Abbey's college roommate! 

Yes, we shared an apartment- along with many nights spent giggling and singing Taylor Swift songs  into the wee hours of the morning. 

Well, Abbey asked me to come over here to do a fashion post...SO, here's the skinny on my outfit!

In New York my best friends have been light airy skirts and open toed sandals! 

Seriously though. I would probably melt in this humidity without them.

So when I saw this chiffon accordion skirt I had to have it.

Next, platform open-toed sandals.

The best part about these? They're open enough to let the breeze in and chic enough to wear on 5th ave.

my kind of shoe.

flower pin: Linda's Vintage. striped top: H&M. waist belt: vintage. accordion skirt: Zara. sandals: Target. 

Is she amazing, or is she amazing?! I'm lucky to have her for a friend! Take it from me, Jessica is a natural beauty, has always had impeccable style, and is a wonderful chef/baker. Seriously, I don't know how she stays so thin from all of the yummy food she makes! You should definitely check out her blog and for sure check out her adorable shop! You won't regret it! Thanks again, Jessica!

Have a magical day! 

Guest Post: Kimberly from City Style!


Happy Monday, lovelies! I have an extra special surprise for you! Today I want to welcome my first guest blogger to Along Abbey Road, Kimberly! Here she is!

Hey guys it's Kimberly from City Style! I just want to give a big thank you to Abbey for allowing me to guest post on her amazing blog! This is the first time I do this so I'm excited and nervous, I hope everyone enjoys!

Today I wanted to talk about a huge summer trend that I'm sure we've all been crazy about or seen so much of. It's tribal prints! They're really big this summer and go great on any type of top or dress. I have some photos here all from Forever 21 but other stores like Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters also sell items with tribal prints on them. Tribal tops look amazing with cut off shorts or even studded ones!

Trends always come and go and then again come and go! It's a fashion thing is happens but prints are not only a summer thing they can make their way into our fall wardrobes only in a small moderation compared to the summer. If you haven't tried this, why not go out and buy a tribal top and pair it with any bottom to give the casual look a little extra than the usual? It's great that there are so many colors and prints to choose from. Hope everyone enjoyed the post and have a great day!

 Isn't Kimberly great? I'm la-la-la-loving the prints! She always finds the best pics on fashion layouts and current trends. Make sure to check out her other amazing fashion tips on her blog too! Thanks so much, Kimberly! You rock!

Have a happy day! 
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