Dare I DIY?: Triangle Print Baby Onesie


Finding awesome graphic onesies is challenging, and all the ones I find are $25 a pop. I'm sorry,  I just won't buy a $25 tee my baby will grow out of in 3 weeks (heck, I don't ever buy $25 tees for myself). Call me cheap, but I think it's loco, unless you have money to burn. 

This DIY solved all my problems. The best part about it is it's a way to upcycle that stained onesie you had heading for the dumpster or giveaway pile. And the entire process takes about 30 minutes-- just the perfect amount of time to sneak in a craft while baby is napping!

*I forgot to mention to pull off the tape, but you are no dummy and figured as much. However, wait until the paint dries before pulling off so you don't get any unwanted smudgies!


  1. very cute! great job.


  2. i love it! and i totally agree about not spending $25 on a onesie-so silly!