Atelier, S'il Vous PlaƮt


1. 2. 3.

With the exception of two tees and some cut-off denim shorts, all of my clothes are packed away. I do apologize for the lack of style posts, but moving is the best excuse I can conjure. 

With packing and new digs on the brain, I've been dreaming up interior design possibilities. My wish for dark wood floors and white walls is being granted, and oh are the ideas endless. Thanks to my Pinterest, my treasured home curations can finally take on a form of their own.

I've been pining (not to be confused with pinning) for a charming, little atelier of sorts where my ideas and creations can come to life. The above images are right up my alley and will be reinvented in a similar way. With a new weekly feature in the works, an innovative space is a necessity. This move is bringing a fresh (beach in the backyard anyone?) approach to every facet of our lives, including this little space on ze internets. And boy, is it going to be awesome. 

Send happy vibes to us this weekend as we are huffing, puffing and mumbling & grumbling our way up two flights of stairs with boxes in hand... oh, and eat a box of Oreos for me.

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A Random Thing Or Two-sday


Tee: Thrifted. Skirt: Vintage. Belt: LOFT. Platforms: c/o JellyPop Shoes. Lipstick: c/o NYX, Ruby.
 1) Can we talk about that awkward moment when you get a text from a random number and you ask roundabout questions to figure out who it is because you don't want them to know you deleted their number if they still have yours? Yeaahhhh. I am that person. Happens all too frequently and I feel like such a jerk.

2) Fact: One bucket full of water contains more atoms than there are bucketfuls of water in the Atlantic ocean (source). 

3) Why does Magic Mike have to be about male stripping and not something a little more wholesome so I could go see it? Whhhhhyyyy? Then again, it would lose 95% of its appeal, so either way it's a lose-lose situation. Nuts (Freudian slip?).

4) "Queue" is such a strange word. Whenever I spell it I have to sound it out like this, "q-ooo-you." Same thing with the word "friend." I always say "fry-end" out of habit since I always got the e and i backward when I was little.

5) Would you rather have to attempt jumping a 50 foot gap on a bike or jump off a 100 foot cliff? Neither is not an option, but from the looks of it a potential hospital visit definitely is.

6 Steps To A Fit Post-Baby Body


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The post-baby bod can be a little intimidating to whip back in to shape. Especially if you aren't a hardcore work-out enthusiast like me. Here are a few of my must-have tips and things I have used to get my pre-baby body back (which is still very far from where it needs to be, but good things take time)!

1. Home body wraps. My friend Jeni is a health and fitness adviser and she sent me one of these wraps to try out. They are becoming quite a big trend, so I am sure you have heard of them. Honestly, I usually am that person that is the big skeptic of at-home fitness products, but these wraps work wonders! They pull in excess bulge and tone up problem areas. I only did one wrap, which took 45 minutes and within a week I lost 3 inches around my lower belly. Apparently my uterus wasn't back to its normal tightness because the wrap sucked it back to shape. Also, my belly had some of that cellulite looking flab (sorry if that's TMI) and it helped decrease the visibility of cellulite and loose skin. The awesome thing about these wraps is you can do them every 3 days and they help cut a few inches with each use! You can use the wraps anywhere on your body too, but for us mommy's looking to get fit, I recommend using the wraps on your tummy. There is also stretch mark cream! That one's a no-brainer. You can purchase the wraps and packages here on Jeni's website. Jeni offers all types of fitness and health advice too, so be sure to contact her! I sincerely recommend trying the wraps out. They are all natural and cheaper than getting a wrap at the spa, so then you don't have to get a babysitter either! Bottom line, skinny wraps are the bomb and you need them in your life, mother or not.

2. Water! Water! Water! I cannot say it enough. I drink about 96 oz a day. I do breastfeed, which is why I drink around 12 glasses per day. It helps flush out extra toxins, drop pounds, and keeps skin bright and clear. That is important since we all know those crazy hormones can cause acne and break outs. No thanks.

3. Cucumbers. This is the best snack for losing weight and keeping your skin and body healthy. This article here highlights the major health benefits of cucumbers, such as assisting in weight loss, hair growth and gum health. I don't know about you, but my gums have taken a beating with the elevated hormone levels and all my hair in the front seems to have fallen out recently. Awesome. Cucumbers, let's be best friends, shall we?

4. Homemade sugar body scrub. This is the easiest scrub in the world. Mix 1 part almond oil with 2 parts brown sugar. I usually mix 2 tablespoons almond oil with 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Apply liberally to stomach, arms and thighs to exfoliate and brighten skin. Almond oil is a great natural topical treatment for healing scarring, so this is perfect for mamas who with c-sections scars!

5. Yoga. Physically, mentally and emotionally stimulating. This is my path to losing my last 10 pounds. Need I say more?

6. Free weights. I officially have flabby, toneless arms. I do deltoid, bicep, and tricep lifts with 5 pound dumbbells once a day after yoga. I don't know if you know this, but the gun shop will be calling soon to get these guns back (insert mental image of me flexing my soon to be buff biceps).

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When Boredom Meets A Stylus


This is what happens when you spend the weekend evenings on the couch watching sports and you get a new stylus for your computer. Portraits by Abbey coming to a store nearest you.

Crouching Baby, Hidden Spit-Up


Once upon a time, in a not so far away land, there lived a young prince named Lucas. Prince Lucas was just a wee little babe, therefore he was beginning to explore the decadent world of fine dining. His royal menu consisted of delicacies such as mushy apples, pears, carrots and sweet peas, which happened to be made from the offspring of the pea found in the bed of a distant princess ancestor, AKA The Princess and the Pea.

Such noble eating required assistance from his royal maidservant, Abbey. Prince Lucas liked to stick his tongue out while eating, making it an extremely messy process. Naturally, the majority of the gourmet baby cuisine ended up everywhere else but his tummy, including the maidservant's favorite striped skirt. The prince possessed magical powers for excreting food in the most mysterious and inopportune places.

One day, these magical powers saved his life, but alas, this is a story to be continued.

A Priceless Family Heirloom Of Sorts


Top to bottom: 1. Ashley (dad). 2. Ashley (dad). 3. Leon & Jon (uncles). 4. Bessie (grandma). 5. Howard (grandpa).
"Three Mormon Towns" Photographic essay. Dorothea Lange. 1953. Photonegatives via OAC .
About one year ago, Brigham Young University showcased Dorothea Lange's "Three Mormon Towns" exhibit. My grandmother's photograph shown above was featured in the 1953 LIFE magazine Dorothea Lange feature and found its way back to the public 58 years later at the BYU exhibit. My dad excitedly shared this wonderful bit of rich family history with me, and my mouth pretty much smacked into the ground when I found all of the "Bishop Fish Family" photonegatives from her photographic essay journey. The five above are just a few from many of a priceless family heirloom of sorts.

It's remarkable to see such candid, honest photographs of my father's childhood -- captured by the legendary Dorothea Lange no less. The images were taken in Toquerville, a small southern Utah town. My dad was 7 years old. They lived so humbly and beautifully. By today's standards, the rural and raw lifestyle of my dad's youth is a design aesthetic highly sought after, but at the time they were just living simply. It was this simplicity that I believe caught the eye of a master like Lange.

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I Spy Eye Candy

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week's agenda is currently filled with things like boxes and moving tape. I am going to let the beautiful and awesome Tori take the reins today while I attempt at packing this place up! You're going to love her!


Hi there Along Abbey Road readers! You can call me Tori! I blog over at Eye Candy, a place where I share anything and everything I'm loving or lusting after. I believe life is too beautiful to let it pass by without capturing the little moments it has to offer. This little piece of internet is a place for me to share all my thoughts and show you the most important things in my life: my family and friends (and maybe even an occasional fashion post)!  Currently I'm in the process of figuring out the all to familiar question "what next?". I would love for you to stop by, and follow me along this beautiful journey called life! 

A Random Thing Or Two-sday


Maxi: Vintage. Sandals: c/o Jellypop Shoes.

1) Fact: Blind people can dream. Those who were born blind dream in response to their other senses. Those who became blind after birth dream in images up to the extent of their sight (source).

2) After seeing a clip of a cow being killed for the slaughterhouse, I honestly don't think I can eat meat anymore. The poor white cow's eyes were so content and innocent, then BAM! They shot it in the head and slit its throat. Sorry for the graphic mental image, but is was so sad. I guess this moment was inevitable at some point in my life. I've been putting off seeing any images or videos about this very thing because of my love for cheeseburgers and steak, but now that's all been ruined. I am too much of an animal lover and am overly sensitive to the whole "animals have feelings too!" idea. Poor, poor cow. And pig. And lobster being torn away from your monogamous mate and boiled alive. Chickens, I don't care so much for you, so we'll see about that. Shellfish don't count.

3) The "family planning" section of the grocery store we shop at is all locked up, therefore you have to press one of those buttons that sends a store-wide message for the associate to unlock it. As if that isn't sufficiently inopportune, just imagine the teenage bag boy giving you the side look in embarrassment as you pick out your items. It's just not right.

4) If you had to choose between the two, would you rather own the ability to completely end world hunger or disease?

5) Luke's squeals are identical to the sound of a dental drill; ridiculously high-pitched and subtly vibrational. Good thing we like the dentist around these parts...

An Ode To Fathers



Thank you...

For teaching me how to ride my bike in the cul-de-sac of 59th street. For taking me to Beauty & The Beast, the very first movie I ever remember seeing in theaters.  For spending your weekends letting me help you in the yard and then taking me for a McDonald's happy meal.  For teaching me that the spiritual things in life matter most, not the material. For always thinking I'm funny and appreciating my "quirky" style, and convincing Mom I am not completely insane and that I inherited it from your mother. For always helping me out, especially during the rough patches. For stocking the cupboards with junk food when I was sick of eating healthy. For working your tail off and then some to provide for my wants and needs. For always telling me you love me and ensuring that I know how loved I truly am. You are one swell, heck of a guy. I love you.


Thank you...

For loving Luke so immensely that it brings tears to your eyes. For being that one person for whom Luke will always smile. For being an expert bottle maker and swirling instead of shaking so the bottle isn't all foamy. For already teaching Luke how to love the things you love. For working every day to support our little family of three. For being the perfect example of an honorable and loving husband and father. For choosing me as the one to be the mother of your children-- our children. For being k-u-h-t-e-h. I love you like crazy.

Dear Richard M Nixon



There is something of vital importance that you should know about me -- I am a bit of a history lover, and hope to one day dub myself as a bonafide history buff.

It all started when I began skipping class my sophomore year in high school (shameful, I know, but I think I turned out alright). Generally kids play hooky to escape the grips of academia, but not me. Apparently I just preferred it in the comfort of my own home, string cheese in one hand and crackers in the other. Hours upon hours were spent watching every last show on the History and Discovery channels. In fact, I probably gleaned more knowledge and insight about the world watching television than I did in class. There were always too many distractions, and it didn't help that I had a huge crush on my US History & Economics teacher, or whatever the name of that course was. See that? I can't even remember the name of the class! But, I can tell you all of the important information and dates marking world wars and events that changed the course of this nation. And how the brain functions on a biological level. Thank you, History and Discovery channel. You were mah-velous instructors.

Alright, now that that has been clarified, you can imagine my excitement as we toured the Richard Nixon Presidential Library &Museum. It is located in Yorba Linda, where he was born and is now buried. Isn't that awesome?

A few of my favorites included letters his friends wrote him as a child assuming he would one day be president, letters from children when he ran against Kennedy and lost ("I'm a small Republican... I beat my brains out working for you!"), the dollhouse model of his childhood home (see my bucketlist item #27), and then touring through that actual home. There are so many beautiful antique items, including the bed he was born in! Did you see that patchwork quilt? It's gorgeous! I think I need to make that my next project. And let's talk about that piece of the Berlin Wall. My stomach dropped and I released an audible gasp when I came upon it. For some reason I felt a bizarre emotional connection to it, as if I could feel the terror, hate, sadness and liberation emanating from its concrete core. That's my favorite thing about museums.

All of the exhibits document the entire life of Richard Nixon, but I have to say the Watergate gallery was the most educational for me. It was very informative and intriguing, because let's face it, the Watergate scandal is rather confusing to follow if you don't have all of the facts in front of your face. Don't know what the Watergate scandal exactly entailed? Let's see if I can sum it up for you in one sentence... While Richard Nixon was president, he had a team of people who worked for him steal information from the Democratic party so he could use that information to politically get ahead, and he tried to use his presidential power to cover it up from the FBI, but he got caught and resigned before they could impeach him. The end.

I highly recommend going to a Presidential Library & Museum if you have one in the state you live and you love history like I do. They're the bee's knees.

Luke Goes Swimming


Swimsuits: Abbey: Downeast Basics (similar). Luke: Target. Matt: Hurley.
Luke's first swim was a success. Although it was full of many surprises and the chilly water shocked his developing senses, he was practically doing the butterfly stroke by the end ;) Do we have a future Michael Phelps on our hands?

I'll Wrastle Ya' Fer It


Our good friends, Sean & Caroline, came over for dinner the other night with their adorable little guy, Sawyer. He is only a few days older than Luke, however Luke is about 4 inches taller! We loved playing, especially as Sawyer taught Luke the ways of a Viking. The kid is a future Olympian I tell you. He was crawling and downward dogging all over the place.

Cutie patooties, aren't they?

A Random Thing Or Two-sday


Skirt (modified from this maxi dress): F21. Shirt: LOFT. // Luke: Romper: Carter's.

1) How come store cookies taste different than homemade ones? Albertson's cookies for the win!  

2) Crouching Baby, Hidden Spit-up should be a weekly feature on the blog where I tell you captivating stories of baby business gone rogue. There is too much good stuff happening over here.

3) Speaking of new features, there will be a new DIY one starting in July! It's time to put these hand-crafting paws to work, especially since our new digs will need some revamping.

4) Did I mention we are moving to Encinitas? This blog is about to get 512,684,973 times cooler now that we will be living in a beach town. Translation: no more boring pictures in our apartment complex :)

5) Fact: On average, a U.S. woman owns 19 pairs of shoes (source). I just counted all of mine. Apparently I own approximately 47 (there were some hiding in the back of the closet I was too lazy to count). Don't know how and when that happened.

Now it's your turn to link away your random thoughts and facts we never knew we wanted to know!