Our Thanksgiving Celebration


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Matt's brother's family this year up in Orange County. It was simple, relaxed, and delicious. My sister-in-law, Lindsay, is not only a hair genius (she does my hair), but also a marvel in the kitchen. We stuffed our faces and then stuffed them even more with the above pictured homemade apple pie made by my one and only burning hunk of love. He does all the baking in our family. He is the male equivalent of Betty Crocker, I tell you... the guy knows his way around a bag of flour and sugar! 

Now it's time put the Nat King Cole Christmas album on full blast all day, make peppermint marshmallows, and go Christmas light seeing every night. Hip hip hooray for the holidays!


  1. Apple pie is my absolute favorite! I have a feeling that if *my* husband baked for me every once in a while, I'm be done with...he already loves me enough as it is, but that would just be the icing on the cake :) Lucky you!

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving my dear! And happy holidays! xoxo

  2. A husband who can bake?? Sounds pretty fantastic!

  3. Nat King Cole is amazing. The Christmas Song will always win over every other song for my favorite. Glad you had a nice thanksgiving! So great that you have a husband that can bake. lucky girl.

  4. Love your decorations... beautiful!

  5. Love these pics and the matching flannels {one of the best parts on fall/winter}! And a husband who can bake is the best kind. Also -- in the second picture, how was that little pumpkin made? It's adorable and I've been staring at trying to understand what it's made of, but have been seriously lacking in any ideas.


  6. What a great family photo and I am blasting Christmas music too!

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