Two-Ingredient Edible Fingerpaint


Raise your hand if your toddler still puts things in their mouth. Yes, mine does, too. Luke is pushing two and a half and the kid still must taste everything. This includes crayons, markers and finger paint. Luckily all of those items come in non-toxic forms now, but I still like the idea of play time items that are edible and natural. Enter the easiest edible finger paint recipe in the world!

We especially love this recipe because it is only two ingredients that are generally on hand, pocket friendly, and healthy even! (Many of the other recipes have sugar and corn starch and extra goopy stuff.) And have you ever let yogurt just dry on the table before getting a chance to wipe it while it is still wet? The stuff is pesky and sticks like paint! It truly is a good painting medium, if you are doubting the quality of grip it will give (we have young Picasso's to raise here!). Also, if you have old baby food jars, this is a fantastic way to reuse them.

You'll need:
  • 16 oz plain Greek yogurt
  • Food coloring
  • Glass containers
  • Small spoon for mixing

  1. Fill jars with yogurt.
  2. Add three drops of coloring (or more for more saturated colors). 
  3. Mix!
  4. Play!
  5. Refrigerate when done.

Aren't the colors just dreamy and springy? We used our fancy new finger paints for tot school and Luke joyfully painted and snuck in the occasional lick — I didn't even need to police him with a shrieking, "Don't eat the paints! Yucky!" It was a win-win all around!

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  1. Such a wonderful idea - we will definitely try this!

  2. I love posts about toddler activities...anything to let me crazy boy have fun without me having to feel like "bad cop" the whole time ;)

    1. Exactly! I hate that feeling, too, which is why everything we try to do is edible or easy to clean up :)

  3. This is so brilliant! I tried it with corn starch not intending for my little one to try to eat it, but of course she did. This is way better!

    1. Yeah, the heavy corn starch to me is a bit gross if they are going to try to shove it in their mouth by the handfuls :) This is much better and prettier! Have fun with it!

  4. Awesome! I can't wait to try this out with my little guy! Thanks for sharing! :)